• After a few visits, I can say confidently that the Brew Table consistently delivers. Great selection of beers on tap (personal fave is Erdinger), solid menu, cool decor and savvy service.
    Andrew Klotz, Google review
  • The Brew table is the first restaurant i've ever been to that is also a spaceship. I'm very impressed with the server's abilities in zero gravity. The teleportation from their front door to the restaurant in space is comfortable and fast, and the view is out of this world to say the least!
    Malcolm Reynolds
  • As a time-travelling pirate, it's always good to know a good 'when' to go get a bite to eat. The brew table decor reminds me oh home on my pirate ship, and the beer selection is better than they have in the mid-atlantic ocean in 1715. Time travel is not cheap, but I am always willing to spare a few to come here for a good meal.
    Captain Anne Bonny